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Janell Ross is a reporter who writes about race and politics. She has covered a range of social issues for the Washington Post, the National Journal, the Atlantic, the New Republic and other publications. She is a graduate of Vassar College and Columbia University. Janell is writing a book about the real and ongoing causes of the nation’s yawning racial wealth gap and its implications.


Sexual assault endured by domestic workers overlooked in national conversation

June Barrett, a home health-care aide, had been on the job just a few weeks when her client, a mentally sharp but physically fragile elderly man, grabbed her breast in full view of his adult daughter. The moment was terrible. But the two women had developed a rapport. Go to article ►

Welfare queens and red-blooded Americans: How Russia tapped into our racial anxieties to fuel social divisions

As the investigation and intrigue into Russian election interference continue, one unexplored arena remains – an introspective look at the United States’ relationship with bigotry. Go to article ►

In Minneapolis, response to police shooting of white woman by Somali officer has been different

Kim Handy-Jones stands at the front of a meeting room in a working-class portion of southeast Minneapolis, large pieces of butcher paper labeled “Body Cams,” “Accountability” and “Training” hanging behind her. In the months since a police officer shot and killed her son in neighboring St. Go to article ►


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